Get mirrors better suited to Hawaiian life

Hawaii Mirror – Thanks to Modern Technology

Akamai Glass mirrorsYou can now enjoy mirrors that resist the negative effects of the salt in Hawaii’s air. We offer the newer copper-free style of mirror that deters the oxidation process that turns mirrors black over time in response to salt in the air. Keep your reflection beautiful for longer with these 1/4″ copper-free mirrors, made in the USA!***

Large mirrored walls are our specialty – for your home gym or office. We are well know for reflecting the overwhelming natural beauty found in Hawaii.

Call us today to discover the many reflective options we have to offer you, give us a call at 808-833-1111, or email us at customerservice@akamaiglass.com, or text message us today at 808-306-7222!

***Sorry, but due to Hawaii’s salt air, there are no warranties on our mirrors. We can only say that we offer you the best commercial-grade, copper-free mirrors available.

We are Licensed and Insured.

Let us help with your special project with high quality mirrors and other glass!









License C-23775

Akamai Glass mirror
Akamai Glass mirror

Custom Mirror Fabrication Options

While the industry standard is a seamed edge, we also offer you additional options for mirrors:

  • Edges: seam, flat polish, beveled
  • Holes: 1/4″ up to 4″
  • Notches and corner cut notches
  • Safety backed mirrors

Need a Quality Mirror Closet Aluminum Frame for Years of Use and Solid Support?

We have them in doors that easily glide with minimum effort every day. Standard and non-standard sizes available in bronze, satin anodized and white painted finishes.

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

For you to do that final check before running out of the house: Splurge on a quality aluminum frame for years of use and solid support in bronze, white painted, or satin anodized for your mirrored closet doors. We’ve got them in doors using safety mirrors that easily glide with minimum effort everyday, in standard and non-standard sizes.

Akamai Glass mirrored wardrobe doors

Find a Variety of Mirrors to Meet your Differing Needs

In addition to custom fabricated standard types of mirrors, you can also find several other types of specialty mirrors in our inventory. For your security needs, we offer a two-way mirror, also known as one-way glass, that functions as a mirror on one side and normal glass on the other; under the right lighting conditions.

For safety we offer safety mirrors often used in elevators and boats. We also offer an anti-graffiti film for mirrors for heavily trafficked areas that can be removed and replaced, rather than having to replace the entire mirror if it is damaged or marked.

Care & Cleaning of Mirrors

You can enjoy many years with our fine mirrors if you follow these cleaning instructions.

Please clean with warm water and a soft cloth. Do not allow water to collect and remain on the mirror edges. When using a glass cleaner, use an ammonia-free cleaner.

Note that detergent cleaners for use on tiles and walls, and other chemicals such as vinegar and ammonia can be very harmful to mirrors.

Ventilate your bathing area when heavy moisture or steam is present. Open a window or use your fan to remove moisture-laden air during and after bathing.